Dr Emad Ma’moun Hamza

In December 2000 dr. Emad graduated from faculty of medicine, Ain Shams university. In March 2001 till the end of February 2002, he started training period at Ain Shams university hospitals as a house officer in departments of pediatrics, gynaecology, internal medicine, general surgery, anaesthiology, neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery and spinesurgery. He started specialization in neurosurgery and spinesurgery as a resident at department of neurosurgery and spinesurgery, Ain shams university in September 2002.

In May 2005, he obtained his master degree in general surgery from Ain Shams university. In May 2006, he was promoted to assistant lecturer of neurosurgery and spinesurgery at Ain Shams university. In November 2009, he obtained his medical doctorate degree in neurosurgery and spinesurgery from Ain Shams university and then he was promoted to lecturer of neurosurgery and spinesurgery.

In 2014, he was clinically attached to department of neurosurgery and spinesurgery (Professor Schmiedek) at faculty of medicine in Mannheim at Heidelberg university as a part of „Medizin Kompetenz Kurs“ at Goethe institute in Freiburg. In July 2017 and after finishing his research work, he was promoted to associate professor at department of neurosurgery and spinesurgery, Ain Shams university. Now he works as a consultant of neurosurgery and spinesurgery at Cleopatra hospitals (Heliopolis, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Nile Badrawi, specialised Cairo and Al Shorouk in Mohandeseen), Nozha international hospital, Specialised Air Force hospital (New Cairo), Ain Shams university specialised hospital and Dal Al Fouad hospital.

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